Photovoltaic Panels

Fábrica Tecidos do Carvalho has a park of photovoltaic panels, with the capacity to produce 342.4 MWh of energy per year, with the objective of doubling it in the short to medium term. This project allows a 10% saving of the total energy consumption, thus increasing its environmental sustainability policies.

Waste Water Pre Treatment Plant

Preserving the environment is a constant concern of Fábrica Tecidos Carvalho, which has an WWPTP with the capacity to pre-treat its effluent. This effluent is sent to the treatment plant in the Vale do Ave region (Tratave), which performs the municipal treatment of industrial effluents and wastewater. In the last 10 years, the specific consumption of liters of water per kg of finished product has halved, due to investment in new dyeing machines and new processes, resulting in huge savings not only in water, but also in chemicals, gas, energy and gaseous emissions. This attitude of the company had a huge impact on environmental sustainability.


Fábrica Tecidos do Carvalho reuses thermal energy, steam and hot water in its processes, generated by its cogeneration, which is equipped with a natural gas engine, with the capacity to produce 4.4 MWh of electric energy. This thermal use is used in the dyeing and finishing sections avoids gaseous emissions, thus giving rise to greater environmental sustainability.
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